The Best Printing Equipment for Plastic Products


As a leader in the industry, Kase can assist you with determining the best decorating method for your product

Pail Printers

Cap Printers

Lid Printers

Cup & Tube Printers

Dry-Offset Printing

Since 1963, we have been custom designing dry-offset printing equipment for various plastic containers. We are not only recognized for pail printing but have some of the first technologies for caps, tubes, and cup printing.

Heat Transfer & Digital Printing

While Kase Equipment is most known for our developments in dry-offset printing, we offer a full line of decorating equipment including silk screen systems, pad printers, thermal label transfer machinery, and digital printing

Replacement Parts

Kase Equipment maintains a large inventory of genuine Kase parts, sub systems, and machinery. Contact Us for more information on your replacement needs.