About Us

Kase Equipment Corporation is a leader in the plastic industry, designing and manufacturing decorating equipment for plastic cups, lids, pails, tubes, and closures. Kase Equipment Corporation has continued to grow and expand its product line through the innovative ideas of our engineers and the demand to exceed our customers’ expectations.
Since 1963, Kase Equipment has been custom designing dry-offset printing equipment for various plastic containers. Our company has continued to develop printing equipment to meet the evolution of plastic containers. Kase was the first to develop a dry-offset printer for 5 gallon pails in the world! Additionally, we were the first to design machinery that could print oval, square, and rectangular pails.
Our company is not only recognized in the pail printing market, but has developed some of the first technologies for caps, tubes, and cup printing. Kase Equipment has the reputation to design machinery for the most challenging plastic containers. Our company works with each customer to find the most cost-effective method of decorating.
While Kase Equipment is most known for our developments in dry-offset printing, we offer a full line of decorating equipment including silk screen systems, pad printers, thermal label transfer machinery, and digital printing.